Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death & Life are in the Power of the Tongue

Everyone that knows me today, knows that I am a very happy and positive person that loves to encourage others. This may surprise them for me to share this, but I used to be such a hypochondriac! Every bump and bruise was "maybe" a tumor or cancer forming. Every pain out of the ordinary called for an ER visit.

This was over 20 years ago, but one time, I had such severe abdominal pains that I insisted that the person that I was with take me to the ER. After much prodding and questions, the doctor diagnosed me as experiencing PMS symptoms that were more severe than normal perhaps due to some hormonal changes as a young woman entering into adulthood. Talk about embarrassing!

After much research and studying and finding verses that actually dealt with our words and how powerful words really are when they are released out of our mouth, I began to be much more cautious about what came out of my mouth! Granted, everything begins in our thought life and pretty soon flows out into our speech in negative or positive way that affects the harvest of our lives.

There are negative or pessimistic people all around us. If you listen to the kinds of conversations and words that come out of their mouth, it's a no wonder they breathe discouragement towards others and to themselves. I find it very difficult to be in this environment and because I was on this side, I can only imagine how others felt! The negative energy rubs off on everyone else and release such a sense of oppression in that atmosphere.

Speaking negative words out of my mouth constantly is one of the most self destructive things that I did in my life. If I wanted to create a positive environment around me, I had choose to frame my world with positive filled words.

You have to sometimes force yourself to say positive things even in the midst of negativity. Does that mean denying that you are in negative situations? No, it just means that despite of the negative situation, that you are going to speak life into that situation anyway! You can turn lemons into lemonade really!

Because I was a hypochondriac, I would say things like, "The flue is going around, I just know I am going to get it." Or if I heard something unfortunate happened to someone, I would respond by saying, "Well, just my luck, it'll happen to me too!"

See, death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it, will eat the fruit of it. What that is saying is, your tongue has the power to create death or life in your life. Now, let's be not be sarcastic, and I say, "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die" and then say, see that, nothing happened. You see, you've set in motion your words that were released and one day, those words are going to come to pass in some form. Words are seeds and seeds take time to grow. If you planted apple seeds you are not going to see an apple tree for a while. But that apple tree will grow one day!

In a negative way, when you speak negative words into your life, you may not see the negative fruits right away...but one day, the words that you spoke over yourself will show up in your life! I began to think about how many times I spoke sickness and illness into my life and as a result I used to be constantly sick, ill or prone to colds and flues when they came around. When I discovered that WOW, I have power over my words, I no longer flippantly spoke words out of my mouth words that were self destructive.

The more positive words I spoke into my life, the less of a hypochondriac I became and one day I realized that my words really changed my world and I no longer saw bruises and bumps as "maybe" cancer forming. I didn't entertain it as a negative things...now I'd use wisdom and if there were real concerns for anything I discover that is abnormal, but I am not going to assume that every bump is a hospital visit. I'm using this as example in my own life. Your negative speech may be directed in other areas or ways.

I learned to bite my tongue and figure out a way to speak positive things into any situation that I felt negativity hovering over it. That doesn't mean that I ignore reality, what it means is that I have the power to choose my words that will ultimately create my reality!

Since I had discovered that I have a choice to choose death or life----I made a conscious decision to use my words to speak life into my situations and see circumstances in my life turn around! I may fall short at times, but God's mercy is new every morning!

Next time you are tempted to go let negative speech come forth out of your mouth, remember- "Death and life are in the power of your tongue, so bite it if you must!

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  1. Hmmmm...what about if a person IS positive and speaks only positive things and yet everything around that person is negative and falling apart...what does this mean?
    MIel from MYSPACE