Thursday, August 21, 2008

How the heck does this FAITH thing work??

My crazy social life came to an end when word got around that I was going through this "religious phase". You become a Christian and people want to clump you in a category as "Religious"...but as I discovered over the years...the 3 R's of religion sucks! Religion is a bunch of rules, rituals, and regulations that focuses on changing people outwardly while inside they're still a mess with some old stinkin' thinkin'!

What I discovered was a real personal relationship with Jesus---and relationship changes you from the inside out! So my journey began with a spiritual transformation that took place first dealing with what was on the inside of me...getting rid of garbage that had been accumulated in my heart for years affecting my thought life and who I had become. Proverbs 23: 7 says, As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

During this time, I spent most of my time alone while recuperating from a severe injury as a result of the head on collision and I began to dig into the Word. I said, "Ok, God...I have no friends, people think I am nuts, I feel lonely...You gotta Show me Your stuff...what is next for my the heck does this faith thing work?!" I had no clue!

I never had to rely on anyone for anything...but at this point in my life...I knew I needed God. With a new Bible on hand that was sent to me by my husband (at the time, an acquaintance) and some books on journey began.

After several months, I made a decision to leave town and start my life over. "A New Beginning" and all I had was faith to work with! Today, I realize that faith is all we need in life and everything else will fall into place! It's not always easy, but faith is a good start to see anything turn around in our lives.

I am in a new city, I have no car, no friends, and no job! I had never taken a city bus in my life! It's a drag to take the city bus from one interview to the next. The city I lived in was big and sometimes it would take 2 hours with all the stops before I even made it to my job interview!

Finally, I said, God, this ain't working out too good---since I've been reading about this faith stuff... I learned that "All things are possible to those who believe," and "to pray and believe that I have received the thing that I prayed for and it will be mine". (of course within the will of God).

My choice was to continue taking the city bus all day to get to an interview or to put this faith thing to work. I started to believe for a job across the street from my apartment complex where I can just walk to work! I did not have a new car at this time due to the accident a few months earlier.

This was the first of many miracles and answered prayers. I met with a recruiter that week...she contacted me for a job interview, gave me the address to the location....I couldn't believe it when she read the address to me! Here I was believing that I received what I prayed for...but then just couldn't believe that it actually happened! Isn't that how we are sometimes? We pray and then we are shocked when God answers our prayers?

I went outside to take a look at the address she gave me---and OH MY GOODNESS, I could see the address on the office building from the front of my apartment- right across the street from where I lived!!! I went for the interview, hired on the spot, remained there until I had my first child!

New town, no friends, no car...but I GOT A NEW JOB---a short walk right across the street! NO more city bus! This faith thing really worked----God met me in such a tangible way and many more answered prayers and miracles from that day on...And yes eventually, God brought new relationships into my life! :)

How the heck does this FAITH thing work? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of GOD! (Rom 10:17)

More at our next "Cup of Tea".

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