Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What happened to My Friends?

Welcome back for A Cup of Tea! I left off "My Life" with....So what happened to my friends when I made the transition?

I went from being very social with friends in every circle prior to this transition in my life. There was never a dull moment (in the world's eye). Every weekend was filled with gatherings, outings, dates, even though some were flops...the point is, I was never alone! (Today, I figured out, I'd rather be alone than in bad company & and you can be alone and not be LONELY).

I had no idea my announcement of becoming a Christian was going to yield the responses that I was not prepared for. One by one, my friends disappeared. The crowd that I ran with began whispering things about me to one another that of course eventually got back to me. Hurt...absolutely....rejection...if you've ever been you know the feeling...lonely....yes, how can I change my life for good and yet be so lonely?

My best friend and sister even thought I was over the deep end. People dubbed me the name, "holy roller". Well...this was a good time for me to re-evaluate my relationships. You really know who your friends are when you are either at the highest or lowest points in your life. I accepted the changes that were taking place in my life...and that meant letting go of of many relationships. That summer I moved away from the town that I grew up in and pretty much lost contact with everyone that I had been friends with for years!

Now, it was really time to put my faith to work. New town, no job, no car because my car was totaled from the accident just 9 months earlier. Talk about learning to trust God for everything! What transpired next was nothing short of God's direction for my life.....miracles, new faith, new passion....destiny....purpose!

To be continued at our next "Cup of Tea."

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  1. Hi Duong, you know, when I got this email, I though, gee another blog, who's got time. Then I stoped from my crazy day to just browse the articles and check out the content. I was so glad I did. It was the PERFECT break to my day. I look forward to checking back for updates. God Bless, say HELLO to Kevin and the kids, miss you all. Michael