Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Life...In Short (Intro)

Perhaps I could write a book about my Life...and you could too....we all have a story...but for the sake of tea time..I will try to keep it short!

Originally from Vietnam, my family and I escaped at the final hours of the Vietnam War and after a few months landed in America--what a blessed place to end up! I grew up in the Midwest- small town in Wisconsin. Let's say we all experienced quite a culture shock.

Growing up had many challenges, trying to fit into the American culture with parents holding on to the Vietnamese traditions caused many conflicts. I just wanted to fit in---I tried to drop the accent...well, because children learn a second language so quick, that wasn't hard. Having grown up some, I am proud of my heritage after all!

High School was the most fun of all my school years; although my parents gave me an opportunity to study abroad at the age of 13 (France). It was truly an amazing experience and I learned another interesting culture...but again, I had a great high school experience! By then I had figured out the friends that I liked to hang with and was pretty active in various extra curricular activities. I just recently had my 20th high school reunion...what a blast!

Shortly after high school I was in a couple of major auto accidents, the first one was was pretty traumatic...but what really changed my life was the second accident!! The first accident I was in was with my H.S. boyfriend in North Carolina mountains. We went off the side (10-15 feet from what I can remember). His vehicle rolled a couple times before it landed on it's hood. Neither of us were wearing our seat belts, and miraculously, we both escaped death and possibly severe injuries. Our angels were definitely with us that day!

If that wasn't bad enough, my second accident was a head on collision in which I fell asleep behind the wheel...I was wearing my seat belt, thank God, as the impact would have killed me if I hadn't. Wow, wondering why I was still alive after 2 horrible accidents caused me to take a look at my life and realize how GOD had indeed gave me a second chance to live...but for what purpose? I needed to find my journey began shortly after leaving the hospital.

I knew with out a shadow of doubt that God's assignment for my life was not over...but only began. Thanks to my husband who at the time was a stranger to me having only met him once before my accident, came to visit me on behalf of my best friend and prayed for my quick recovery. Wow---someone who didn't even know me would do that?? Ok, so I was impressed....I sent a Thank you note and a year later we were married!

Oh...not to mention....since that meeting, I dedicated my life to the Lord and became a Christian and have been living to serve God since. My life has never been the same and I have been very blessed! Not perfect....but blessed! God's grace and unconditional love is so amazing. Thank God that our life doesn't have to be perfect to come to Him. I think that is the misconception that many people have...they avoid coming to the Lord because they feel that they are not worthy enough. I know I have talked to individuals who believe this about themselves. If we were perfect and and have it all together, what need is there for Jesus in our lives?

I can that time in my life...I was far from perfect, as a matter of fact I was kind of messed up! I don't claim to have it all together now even. I took a leap of faith, came to God as I was and felt the mercy and loving-kindness of God wrapped around me for the first time ever! When you sense something that is real, you just know and there is no turning back.

Ok---what happened to all my friends when this transition took place in my life?

Find out next time when you come back for A Cup of Tea.....

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