Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to "A Cup of Tea"

A Cup of Tea was inspired by many, many "Cups of Tea" with my most precious friends when I was a new believer, new wife, and new mother! I had so much to learn about faith, marriage, raising kids, and just life in general!

My most cherished times were gathered around women of faith that were more mature than I and to glean from them, their stories of faith, their inspiration of hope, their encouragement and prayers have blessed my life.

Often times our moments together were shared over a cup of coffee or a "cup of tea" and because tea is my favorite relaxation and due to the health benefits, it's appropriate that I titled My Personal Place- " A Cup of Tea"!

Before my website "Beauty Secrets Spirit Soul & Body" launched, I used this Blogger to kick off some articles and to get comfortable with having a website---Let me tell you it's a lot of work to manage a website and make sure that everything on Blogger links to the BS website etc.

Rather than closing this account after the website launched..... "A Cup of Tea" has been on my heart for quite some time.

The hesitancy is, "Do I really want to share my personal thoughts with the world?" I am typically a very private person, and writing articles on health and inspiration is not the same as writing about your personal life, issues, and thoughts for everyone to read.

"A Cup of Tea" is My Personal Place for thoughts and reflections about faith, family, friends, kids, life & just real stuff that women can relate to...Go get yourself a "Cup of Tea" and join me!

P.S. You can also visit health websites and be empowered to live healthier and happier from the inside out.

Healthy Beauty Secrets
Another Cup of Tea coming soon....

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong

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