Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a "H....." of a day~Can you relate??

Beauty Secrets Newsletter was scheduled to launch first thing this morning (Tues, Sept 2nd). First, let me back up and share that last Thursday while working on my newsletter, udpating my articles and some of the website my laptop completely crashed--you know the "black" screen?

It's serious, when you see the "black" screen. I took it to the computer repair shop and was told that my laptop is history-dead, ran it's course! I had not backed up my Beauty Secrets Documents and new photo stock that I had purchase for a couple of months due to the busy summer---well lost it all! You have to re-buy once it's downloaded! I did however, back up all of my photos that were recently taken from class reunion, family vacation this summer, thank God as I would never be able to replace those.

So...I took a deep breath and said, "well, thank God we have a home computer (kid's) that I can use until I get my new lap top. It's been a challenge the past couple of days because you know---2 teenagers, and facebook, skype, web cam with their buddies....we've been fighting over computer time! Man, how grateful I was for having my own laptop!

I was excited that they were all back in school today so I can have the computer all to myself and finish my newsletter that was to go out by 9am! Well, it's now 3 hours later and way behind schedule...why? Because OMG-the kids computer went "Blue" on me. Blue is not as serious as "black" so I just rebooted it and with a sigh of relief, everything was up and running, however, I lost my article that I was in the middle of doing the final editing for the newsletter and hadn't hit the "save" button for a while! Lesson learned--hit "save" every 5 minutes!!

Well, now I'm ready to launch my newsletter, right? Well, I went to update the pages, and messed up all of my sub pages, so if you go to my website---other than the home page which looks normal---the rest of the pages are missing the side navigations bar! I tried to fix it several times and cannot get it back to the way it was! I called my IT guy and he can't take a look at it until tonight! Am I ready to scream? My September Newsletter that was to launch at 9am, ah....maybe late tonight or early tomorrow?? Ahhhh----yes--I was ready to scream! Being off the whole summer from Beauty Secrets, I guess I must have forgotten a few details with the minor web changes that I do by myself when I need updating.

My patience sure has been tested the past few days and especially today when I have a deadline. However, during this moment, I had 2 choices, to walk out this negative attitude and let it ruin the rest of my day, complain to my husband, or choose to just let it go and knowing that it will be resolved, just not as quickly as I'd like it to. The Lord quicken to me the verse that says, count it all joy when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance..." (James 1:2).

You can go through trials and your patience be tested with out yielding to the pressure and getting all bent out of shape. It's not easy...but it's under these circumstances that allow us to produce endurance. We just never know what greater trials we may face in the future and with each one, our faith produces greater endurance to deal with whatever may come our way. Besides, there is always someone having a worse day than me. All I can do is let go...and stay in peace!

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