Sunday, September 7, 2008

I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians...

"I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."~Ghandi

WOW, that is quite a profound statement by Ghandi. When I read this, I asked myself, "Has this applied to my life?" Is this what someone would say about me? I have to be honest and answer, "unfortunately, yes!"

Being Christian, does not mean that you are without fault. As long as you have flesh and can breathe, you are human and far from perfect, Christian or non-Christian! But I believe that we are called to live according to a higher standard; however, allowing room for mistakes and to grow in the process.

Being Christian doesn’t grant you a gift of character. Character is a principle that has to be developed in our lives. Character is an aroma that you leave behind once you’ve left someone's presence or it’s what people have come to know of you. Therefore, someone who is non-Christian may walk in with greater character and may even act more Christ-like than some Christians. Some one is shoutn' "Amen to that!"

A Christian may have the gift of salvation that grants them entrance into heaven, but they do not have the gift to live a life free of mistakes and shortcomings. Everything we do is by choice, and sometimes we make bad choices. This is not to excuse any wrong actions, but to again state that no one is “perfect.”

Sometimes the world clumps “Christians” in one category and quite honestly, at times it can be embarrassing…for example, when you are at a restaurant with a bunch of fellow Christians, and everyone chips in a buck for a tip for the waitress. That just shows that Christians are cheap! Or we are at the grocery line and the clerk takes forever to ring up the person in front of us, and then impatiently bark at her to move it, roll our eyes and get mad at the person in front of us.

Consider this…

Life Source Research Surveyed Non-Christian Adults:

79% people say Christianity is more about organized religion than about loving God and loving people.

72% of Christians are hypocrites

44% says Christians get on their nerves

What we do is way more important than what we say. Our words need to be backed up by our actions. How we treat one another or how we treat others period is how the world will know that we are Christians… (By our love for each other).

I endeavor to keep those principals before me; however, I have blown it at times. I am blogging about Ghandi’s statement because it reminded me of a situation in my own life. As a matter of fact, I was in a very trying situation with an Administrator of a school and found it impossible to resolve this situation at the time.

Without boring you with details, let's just say with much frustration over the matter, my response and reaction to this administrator was unkind. Realizing my response and reaction towards this person was not very nice, I knew immediately, I behaved in a manner that was not Christ-like! I immediately called this person back and apologized for my rudeness and to ask for forgiveness. I knew I needed to show humility and do the right thing.

I believe that when we blow it, we can correct the situation by being humble enough to say, “I am sorry, I blew it, please forgive me”.

As you can see, when I saw this quote, it reminded me of this very situation in my life and said, “Yes, I understand that statement by Gandhi!” Ouch!!

If you get a second, Watch this Short You Tube Video (Life Source Survey)

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