Friday, October 10, 2008

Mommy, What is Sex?

Since I mentioned "sex" in my last blog about Myles and Me, I almost diverted to tell a little story about Meg...but I decided it needs to be a different blog. If you are a parent, you know this subject of the Birds and Bees is one that will come up sooner or later. For me it was sooner than I expected!

I homeschooled my daughter for pre-K & Kindergarten and sent her to first grade at a private school. What an exciting time for both of us--I'm sure she was ready for a break from me but I was a nervous wreck!

Anyway, what an interesting first week of school! I remember doing her hair, chatting about all the new things she'd been learning...and all of a sudden, she looks up at me and just out of no where and asked, "Mommy-what is sex?" OH My... heart racing, eyes buldging....trying to not let her see see and feel my shock-- and mind you we hadn't talked about the birds and the bees yet!

Delaying my answer and asking God for quick help and also wanting to know why she asked this all of a sudden, I asked her, "Why do you ask?" She told me because a girl at school asked her if she knew what it was during recess. Ahh, recess...that's where they come home with lots of stuff we've learned over the years!

Lord, help me answer this as simple as I can! I replied, "Well honey, Sex is what you are....You are a Female! Your brother is a Male! OMG!! Where did that from? Job applications!! I quickly remembered that on appliations they usually ask, What Sex are You...Male or Female? She said "OH, ok!" She told the girl at recess that if there was something she didnt' know about, that she didn't want to hear it, because she needed to go home and ask her mommy first!!

I have had a lot of friends since then, that have used that response--if the subject came up. What more does a 6 year old need to know about sex! I also included that SEX is a beautiful gift from God and in due times, I'll share more with her. Not much later we had the "SEX" talk. We made it very special--Mommy and Megs day all about the BIRDS & The BEES. Now at 15, we laugh when we reminisce about that day and she just cannot believe I told her that that's what it meant!! (LOL)

first grade

Megs, 15


  1. Duong- that is great.. I'm def keeping that up my sleeve. Ella keeps using the word "sexy" and I dont' know where she got it and I keep trying to explain why that is not a good word to use- ha .. finally I resorted to... "if you say that at school you will have to go the principals office!" and I think that did the trick.. a little does of healthy fear!

  2. I am going to use that response!