Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tea-Gotta Be Healthy!

Since my blog is titled, "A Cup of Tea" it's obvious that something to do with tea inspired the title. Yes, I love, love tea. I love the smell of fresh brewed organic coffee beans grinding in the morning as my husband faithfully makes my coffee; however, when he's out of town, I drive to the closest coffee's just not the same when I have to make my own!

Back to tea...mid afternoon, it's time to switch to 'tea'. I love to write or blog when it's quiet and always accompanied by a hot cup of tea. Maybe it's mental but it helps me get into to the mood.

People ask me all the time what kind of tea I drink and why? My favorite tea is white and green. In that order! White, because of it's extraordinary health benefits. White tea has been around for thousands of years and has recently made it's way into the US. It's packed with a powerful anti-oxidant that fights and kills cancer-causing cells more than any other kind of tea!

Be careful, there are a lot of companies selling white tea. I've tried some and they are not authentic in taste or ingredients. When you can buy an ounce or two for $5.00--beware!

White tea has a smooth soft taste and brews a very light shade. It is picked when it's still very young, when the leaves are still silvery; hence called "Silver Needle" white tea. As a matter of fact, it's so rare that it can only pick it for a few weeks out of the year!

The closest the leaves are picked to it's natural state, the more polyphenols there are and that's the chemical found in certain teas that fight cancers and helps with your immune system as well as wards off viruses and bacteria infections. Cost: about $25.00 for 2 oz bag.

Every now and then I enjoy some Jasmine green tea, as it is loaded with anti-oxidant as well and known for it's anti-aging properties. Beauty and bath products now use green tea ingredients for the benefits. But hands down, white tea is my favorite for all of the benefits, increased amount of polyphenols, boosts immune system, anti-viral, and anti-aging, etc. Do you ever wonder why those 60 year old Asian women look 20 years younger? My mother tells me one of the reason besides a healthy diet is drinking lots of tea. After researching the health benefits myself, I believe it!

What about herbal teas and sweetened iced tea? Well, for one, there are no health benefits in either. Most herbal teas are not really herbal at all and sweet tea is just loaded with sugar and doesn't help if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight level.

If you are drinking tea, I encourage you to at least try a tea that has health benefits!

To learn more about the benefits of White Tea:

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