Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stress Free Holiday Season

Are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed by all the activities surrounding this holiday season? For many, Thanksgiving ushers in not only a time for families to come together and create fond memories but it is also the beginning of 'Tis the Season' with Black Friday ads hitting airwaves, newspapers, blogs, and yes even social media streamlines such as twitter.

Calendars are booking up with parties and events...project deadlines...phone calls to make...house to decorate....Christmas cards to fill-Oh not to mention getting the family together for a photo session, with crying babies and older ones resisting the idea.
We've got the to do list, the in-laws-who's house will we spend Christmas at? Who's feelings are we going hurt because we decline, etc, etc, etc...Wheewww, I'm getting overwhelmed just writing my first 2 paragraphs and you're probably getting tired just reading it! Hang with me a minute!

If that didn't sound overwhelming-you groan...you complain...you may even scream at times! Your babies need your attention, one child needs to go to ballet, another to needs to get picked up from karate, your husband requests a home cooked meal, your wife nags at you to help with the domestic chores while they pile up day after day.

While technology is suppose to help people be more efficient with their time, it almost seems as though life for many is just as hectic as ever! Some are totally attached to their laptops, Blackberries, and whatever hip techy gadget that's out there.

How about trying to catch up with a friend; isn't this the perfect time? Your conversation may begin with, "How are you, long time no hear?" Response: "I'm just so crazy busy, life, schedule, it's just hectic!" You barely finish the greeting, and another call is beeping in..."well, gotta run, let's catch up soon!" Does this sound familiar?

Don't let this season overwhelm you! What is suppose to be a time of family, friendship, bonding, can quickly turn into a season of stress for many and for various reasons.

A few important keys to remember that will help keep you stress free this holiday season:

1. Learn to say "NO!" You have the power to control the amount of stress that enters your life. Saying "No" is tough, but once you do, you will be thankful when that time comes rather than having regrets that you only wished you had!

2. Don't allow people to control your schedule. When you do, you are opening yourself up for feelings of resentment. That will ruin any holiday spirit!

3. Be sensitive about other people's time, including family members, and not make them feel bad or guilty because they cannot participate or attend an event that you are hosting. (keep in mind, others may be trying to enjoy a stress free holiday season, too.)

4. Focus is really important and matters most. How often do we hear "that holiday" was our last with our a certain loved one, and we wish we would have appreciated our time with them more.

5. Remember the significance and the true meaning of Thanksgiving & Christmas an share them to your children and your grandchildren.

Until next time...Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a stress-free holiday season!

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong
This article has been revised & edited from the original -1994


  1. Oh yes I always seem to feel overwhelmed very year. But this year I am planning on not doing as much.

  2. I have lots of blended family issues to deal with and it makes it really hard to remember that it's supposed to be joyous sometimes. I read a book called "Unplug the Christmas Machine" a few years ago and it really helped me a ton! 1 of the things you do is list all of your and your spouses "CHORES" for the holidays and negotiate to make those lists a little more even, and then Order the lists from the thing you get the most joy from to the least. I realized I HATED sending Xmas cards out so I only send photo one's every other year! I LOVE searching for just the perfect ornament for the tree that year so I kept that one. :) DO the things that bring you Joy!