Thursday, November 20, 2008

Virtual Generosity

The power of virtual generosity raised over $1200 for GNO's Virtual Food Drive, continues to increase and concludes on Friday, November 21st. Kraft Foods participated in Feed America's giving match. $1 is equivalent to 16 meals therefore, a $5 donation would feed 80 people! Now that is what I call the power of multiplication!

Twitterers Jyl and Carissa spearheaded GNO's first ever Virtual Fund Raiser in an effort to support Feeding America, an organization that helps feed over 25 million Americans facing hunger.I first came across the Mommygossip's GNO gals on twittermoms. Their blogs and posts promoted GNO (Girl's Night Out). GNO? How in the world do you have a girl's night out online? I was also new on twitter, hence was quite overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out how to use twitter let alone joining a Virtual Girl's Night Out!

I happened to be available and decided to check out GNO. Two words for my first time: Fast and Furious! Word spread about GNO doing a Virtual Food Drive to help feed the hungry on Thanksgiving. Despite being overwhelmed by the first GNO, I decided to participate, why? Because I was moved that GNO was joining forces with other twitterers to make a difference.
My family will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving; enjoy an abundant spread of all of our favorite entrees; however, when I read about the millions who will be facing hunger on Thanksgiving on Feeding America, tears streamed down my face to know that 14 million people would not be having a meal on this Holiday. I felt compelled to be a part of this fast and furious GNO's Virtual Food Drive. With the Kraft matching program, one donation amounts to feeding a whole lot of people!

Often times we hear about charities or fund raisers and we feel like our gift or donation alone wouldn't make that big of a difference. Yes, it can! When we team up with others--that's what the power of numbers is all about.

God has blessed us to be a blessing! "Whatever you did for one of the least of these... you did for me." (Matthew 25:40)

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong


  1. Thanks so much for your post and kind words. I had such a great time Tuesday. Not only was socializing with my GNO friends fun, but it gave me such a great feeling to see us all come together in a united effort of service! Girl power at its best, right?

    Thanks for helping promote it and for being a part of it. Now, GNO wants to give back to its great gals with a Grand Giveaway this week!

    Again, thanks for the beautiful post. I am so happy you enjoyed yourself and the service!

  2. I love this line:

    When we team up with others--that's what the power of numbers is all about.

    It's been amazing hasn't it!