Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cookies: "Albino Reindeers"

I saw these adorable peanut butter Reindeer Cookies inspired by Jyl Johnson Pattee at I never took interest in baking, but thanks to my friend Julie who started baking with my daughter when she was very young, we have Christmas cookies every year. I am convinced Julie is the reason enjoys baking so much, and rather than the cut outs from Nestle's or Pillsbury we have had some great Christmas treats!

This past weekend we Megan attempted to make the reindeer cookies by Jyl, however, we had to improvise our peanut butter recipe for short bread, due to our youngest having peanut allergies.
They are so cute, but because they are so light compared to Jyl's cookies, we named ours "Albino Reindeer Cookies". For jyl's reindeer cookie recipe click here

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