Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Decorations: Deck the House with Bows and...

Deck the house with bows and garland...falalalala, lalalala...(Post edited Dec. 18th to add Christmas Tour of Homes 2008)

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I have been asked by friends in the past to consider starting a Christmas Decorating business during the holiday season or to post pictures online. Well, that was before I even knew how to use computers nor did I have a digital camera, but here we are years later and with technology, I'm able to post a few photos of my Christmas Decor. After a day of decorating my own home, I'm not sure if I would have the energy to do this as a business! This is not 'In Style Home' by any means:I started collecting photo framed ornaments years ago and place photos of the kids in it each year. They add such a lovely personal touch and I get the most complements when people come by. One day, when my children leave the nest, they each will be able to take their own photo ornaments with them as a keepsake for their own tree. Hopefully, they will continue the tradition and add their own photo ornaments so that I can enjoy them when I come for the holidays.
I fill the stockings with tissue to make it look full and by Christmas Eve they are filled with little goodies. I added a photo ornament to the stocking that belongs to each child (before I had framed stocking holders with their names).
The Stocking holders are photo frames that I picked up one year at the after Christmas sale for dollars. Since the Christmas tree is full of photo ornaments, and the stocking has their picture on it, I opted to framed each of their names.
This year, I decided to keep the color scheme in cream, gold, and a touch of red as well. A little simpler due to the Flat Screen TV that is sitting in front of my fireplace. For some, less is more.
Reindeer hangs out on the fireplace with straw boxes, sometimes used for extra ornament storage or cards.

The fireplace mantle is draped with 2 Greenery attached at each end with a green centerpiece to give the center fullness. Christmas lights, beads, and picks add to the garland, and a small bow in the center. I placed various size candle holders across the mantle. What a warm ambiance we have when just the lights from the tree, the mantle and the candles are on.

Last year, angels draped the mantle in various sizes, shapes and colors. This photo was taken without a flash, but turned out better than the one I used with the flash.
As you noticed, the we didn't have the flat screen sitting in front of the fireplace, hence I was able to enjoy a fire frequently and the lights dimmed was absolutely divine! Hopefully by Christmas we will have a permanent home for the new TV somewhere else!

The large lights are Rosettes purchased from Michael's back in 1994 and I've been using them ever since. They really do make the tree stand out! (Tree is pre-lit and I add additional lights). Tree topper is a lighted Snow flake with multi-colored gold/cream sheer bow with long tails. It has changed each year with different toppers.
My dinning room table center piece this year is simple: Holiday cake plate on pedestal, surrounded with greenery, holiday picks, and a few candle holders on top.

This is fun; I found hanging tea lite candle holders that hang from the ceiling right next to my bay window:

Happy decorating and Merry Christmas!!

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong


  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    Happy Awesome Holidays!

  2. Very creative and pretty!

    Happy Holidays from Marriage Zone!

  3. That looks gorgeous! I love that color combination!

  4. I really like the idea of the framed portraits as ornaments.

  5. Love the pics. You are a great decorator. All of our decorations are in storage this year, so Xmas isn't quite the same.

    Hope you are enjoying a great holiday season!

  6. I love the ribbon on your tree.. !


  7. Oh, I love all of the golds and creams! You've created a warm and inviting home.


  8. Wow beautiful! Thanks for visiting my tour online too! I love the idea of the picture ornaments. That will be my next tree! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!
    Sandra Hersey