Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Blog: Healthy Beauty Secrets with Duong

One of my 2009 goals is to re-design/re-launch my health blog. It was time to take my blog/blogging to another level. I was a little overwhelmed by the thought of another web design project; however, I was quickly reminded that his goal was not going to be achieved if I stayed in that thought process and didn't move on it! After all, 2009 was less than a week away! (GULP)

For this re-design/re-launch, I did not want to use a pre-made blog template, due to certain features that I wanted on my the search began. Through Twitter, I connected with a couple of blog designers and selected the person that I felt could achieve the look I wanted, however, she was not taking any design jobs until after the New Year! Grrrreat!

I do not give up easily...I decided to send Rachel at Blog Candy Designs an email to see what the possibilities were for her to take this on...and to my surprise I got a response the day after Christmas and voila-we've been working together ever since to get my new Blog out this week! (Favor of God!) Let me tell you...she is quite amazing. So keep in mind, if you need a blog, click on her link and check this girl out! Our project has been primarily via Instant Messaging and emailing! (only because she is also on vacation, and didn't have her charger-she took my job while on vacation? More than amazing!) It's pretty crazy doing this virtual, but I'm realizing that anything can be done through the my laptop!

I can't wait to reveal the new blog: Healthy Beauty Secrets with Duong "Empowering women to be healthier and happier from the inside-out...spirit, soul, and body" Lots of new stuff...coming soon!

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong

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