Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RAK: Make My Day!

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) The girls at GNO did it again, offering a Happiness Headline Challenge to make a difference in someone's life. My new friends Jyl and Carissa have posted some really great RAK's this past week.

As I thought about what I would like to do as a RAK, I thought about some things that I could do for someone that may have affected me personally at one time or another. RAK is something that my husband does regularly in his everyday life! When I first met him, he would do RAK while were out on a date and I just thought, 'what a show off'; however, we've been married for 17 years and he continues to show RAK!

First RAK: Where I live, every time I enter or exit the high way I get to pay a nice little toll. I don't know about you, but have you ever gotten to the toll both and discovered that you do not have any change? There is no attendant around and you are tempted to scrounge up some change from those who missed the toll tub? Ahhh...well, that was me, yes I did once or twice until I heard it was illegal. I upgraded to an I-pass that automatically fills up whenever it's low so I don't have to go through that, having cars honk at me for miles back. LOL.

On my way to Trader Joe's yesterday where my second RAK took place, I thought I would bless the next ten cars behind me and pay their toll. If you don't have an I-pass the toll is double! So instead of .40 toll, it's .80! If you commute, a few of those back and forth each day can rack up quickly! The gentleman at the toll booth noticed my I-pass and says, "You're good to go". I quickly responded, "Sir, would you please take my cash and take car of the next ten cars for me?" He looked at me with the sweetest grin and said, "Well, Merry Christmas to you!" And Off I went to Trader Joe's...my next RAK destination.
(taking a picture driving is just as bad as texting and driving!)

Have you ever gotten to a check out lane with all your groceries to discover that you went over your budget and had to pull items off the belt? My next RAK was at a grocery store, hoping to help someone with their groceries. I really wanted to pay for someone's groceries, but I did not want my giving to create a scene. I prefer it to be between me and the person that I am giving to. Before shopping for my groceries, I decided to stop at the counter to purchase a gift card. As I shopped, I secretly scouted for someone who would be a recipient of my RAK.
As I was checking out my groceries, the line behind me was getting really long. Even if I handed someone a gift card, people around me as well as the cashier would know what I was doing. I thought well...I may not get to do a RAK here...it's just too busy. Maybe I need to save it for my next grocery day and put it towards that bill. Nahhh...I will find someone to bless this with. I exited the store still hoping that the right person would appear.

Voila! I see an older couple about my parents age walking towards the store entrance. Knowing how hard it is for retired folks to live on a fixed income, unless they have invested well and are retiring in style. The fact is, only 2% are really retiring comfortably. As this couple came towards me, I grabbed them by the arm and told them that I wanted to help them with their groceries today and handed them the gift card that I just purchased.

Their eyes both lit up with amazement and responded with such gratitude! The woman's eyes looked like it was starting tear up. I'm a sensitive person; therefore, before they could see my glossy eyes turn teary, I wished them a Merry Christmas and headed to my car.

My heart was so overjoyed and all though I may have made their day-it 'Made My Day' all the more! Why? Because I've learned that it is always more blessed to give then to receive!

Merry Christmas!

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong

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  1. That is really wonderful! I would be so nervous to do the grocery store one too.