Saturday, December 27, 2008

Detox: Ten Day Perfect Cleanse

As the founder of Beauty Secrets Spirit Soul & Body; I'm passionate about empowering women to achieve optimal health in every area of life.

We all have a destiny to fulfill and too many people are suffering sickness and disease that is robbing them of fulfilling their calling in life. One of the ways to achieve your optimal health (one of my healthy beauty secrets) is to cleanse your body from toxins that have accumulated over time. Please read The Role of Toxins for additional information.

On January 12th, we will be starting the Perfect Cleanse, by Garden of Life. I've tweeted this on twitter and several responded with an interest in joining me as well as others who are not on Twitter. Feel free to join us in achieving your optimal health as well. I believe beauty comes from the inside out, not just spiritually and emotionally, but physically as well. We have all heard, "You are what you eat". What we eat, shows up outwardly in various ways. (I will share more at a later time).

The Perfect Cleanse is 3 products that are taken around meal time and before bed: 30 minutes before dinner and 30 minutes after dinner, and right before bed. While you are sleeping your body is at work to detox. See how Perfect Cleanse works.

I believe as mothers and women who run the house, our family suffers when we suffer. When mama's not happy nobody's happy! Why not start out your New Year by achieving your best health by starting with a cleanse. I will be posting a recommendation for what foods to eat while you are on the 10 day cleanse so make sure to come back for the list. It's really simple!

I've started a hash tag on twitter #10dayperfectcleanse, so follow along!

Where to purchase Perfect Cleanse: at a local Vitamineshoppe, Wholefoods, or your local health food stores. (I recommend getting it asap. Last year it was sold out in several stores).

Give Away: One winner will receive 6 Health Coach Sessions (valued at $210), TWO Perfect Weight America Books. Participate in Drawing by:

1. Comment on how you plan to achieve your optimal health in 2009 or perhaps how you desire to but but need support.

2. Tweet this blog and hashtag #10dayperfectcleanse at: (be sure to leave me comment that you Tweeted this).

3. Blog about your health goal and link it to the comments.

Drawing will take place on January 12th when we launch the 10 day Perfect Cleanse. Best wishes! (only those who comment/RT will be eligible for drawing).

Visit Beauty Secrets Spirit Soul & Body for more on how to achieve your optimal health!

My Testimony:
After doing the Perfect Cleanse in 2006, I was so impressed by the the results that I submitted a testimonial letter to Jordan Rubin, the world's leading holistic and natural health expert, NYT's best selling author, CEO, and Founder of Garden of Life; sharing what the Perfect Cleanse did for me. As a result of this letter, I was contacted by Jordan's writer/editor @mikeyorkey several months later and was featured in his new book that launched in January of 2008 "Perfect Weight America" (page 139).
What Perfect Cleanse from Garden of Life Did For Me By: Duong Sheahan

"I'm a busy mom with three school aged children and a loving husband in the Chicago area. Last New Year's Eve following my sweet tooth marathon over the holidays, I knew it was time to clean house. Perhaps it was the sugar overload I felt in my system. At any rate, I began doing the Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse.

I had incredible results the first day. By the third day, I felt like a revived person because the toxic build up in my system was leaving my body. My energy level increased immensely as well as my mental alertness. Trust me I need to be alert and full of energy everyday.

I've recommended Perfect Cleanse to a few of my friends and they loved the results as well. The simple to use directions on the box are great: Just follow the 1-2-3 steps on each bottle and you can't mess up! I love that Perfect Cleanse is easy, safe, made with organic ingredients, and is whole food based. I also love the way it doesn't introduce extraneous toxins back into my system. I even lost my cravings for sweet things like chocolate and that's not easy!"

Source: Perfect Weight America, Silaom 2008 (page 139)

If you are interested in join us, please leave a comment below letting me know!

"An inch of prevention is a mile of cure". (Unknown)

Passionate about your health,

@2008 A Cup of Tea with Duong

(Please consult w/your physician if you have health issues prior to doing any cleanse)


  1. I'm so glad you posted this. I just recently started thinking about doing a cleanse, specifically the Perfect Cleanse, but wasn't sure. I was going to ask some more questions and do some research before deciding. Anyways, when I saw this blog post today, I thought to that's confirmation.....I'm doing it for sure! I'm actually really excited about it too :-)

  2. Ok, I will post here too! I am PUMPED to DUMP the sugar! ooo, wait, that does not sound great, lets not tweet that. Ha! Seriously, excited, and the #cwtu ladies had a great night tonight. Countdown, 4days till #10dayperfectcleanse! Woooop!